This is a different kind of process presentation. D'arc Mini Challenge is one of the projects we're very proud of. And here is why.

Mini what?

D'arc Mini Challenge is a driving game created by X3 for D'arc (one of the best clubs from Timisoara, Romania). The mission is to drive a Mini Cooper along the bar and deliver different ingredients to the bartenders so they can mix some drinks. And at the end of each month you can win a bottle of something if you're top of the list!

What does this have to do with D'arc?

Their official car is a red & white MINI Cooper - the exact same car you'll find in the game. And the bar is also a replica of the bar you'll be standing at in the club, amongst others. We took different elements & textures from the club to create the game environment and overall experience.

Three years? Really?

It's true, we started the project back in 2007 - but it's not like we worked on it every single day. This is one of those projects that we picked up whenever we had some available time; there was no rush from our friends from D'arc and we wanted to do a really good job. Oh, and since it was a pro-bono project, we kind of lost track of time - remember the Project Triangle? ;).